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"There seems to be a huge void in literature where I should find mention of accumulation of waste in the body."

"Health problems have existed forever and are getting worse, largely due to our altered food supply and lifestyles."
- Dr. Ballentine

The solution is so easy and understandable, but it's never talked about; it's taboo. What is it? It's the waste in our body.

But why is there a lack of communication?...Can you imagine news commentators, politicians, or celebrities speaking about bowel habits? That's not exactly a breaking news story, a vote getter, or that special cause -- one that celebrities lend their names to.

In fact, if we communicated information on rockets the way we do body waste, bowel habits, or constipation, my guess is that mankind would have never set off the first firecracker.

Therefore, information on this topic has never advanced past the individual or first generation in practical, shared experience and knowledge.

Because of this lack of communication, most of us know very little about one of the most important organs of our body - the colon.

This book -- written for the layman -- contains detailed information that thoroughly explains poor colon health as the underlying cause for many medical problems. It then solves these health issues from the beginning to...end.

Author Notes

An Apple a Day...Mom Was Only Half Right was written at the request of my friend, Alex, who suffered with colon cancer for ten years. When presented with this information his response was "Why didn't anyone tell me this?"

The information given to Alex was researched at the Scott Memorial Library at Thomas Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These findings were compiled in a practical, entertaining, and informative way, using my life experiences to create An Apple a Day...Mom Was Only Half Right.

An Apple a Day......Mom Was Only Half Right.

I am grateful for the positive response from readers to this book and it's lasting impact on their health. The two most satisfying comments received about the book have been "It belongs on everyone's night stand" and "The book may be the best substitute for health insurance." Equally gratifying is when parents read the book and then order copies for their grown children, to ensure that their families are aware of this critical health information.

This book promises to be the most enlightening health book you will read in your lifetime. The information it contains will help us to see through our blinding misconception about health. Remember that enlightenment is the summit of human evolution.

In closing, if we are to cure our health problems in America, this is the main solution. This information should be conveyed to everyone -- parents to the family, teachers to students, coaches to athletes, and employers to employees -- for growth, survival, energy and a feeling of well-being and health for all.

Emmanuel X. Enderlein